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A major area of differentiation between Tru-Form and our competition lies in our Design and Engineering group. Our design team is second to none when it comes to creating a cost effective end result from an original idea. Our senior engineering team works directly with our customers to understand even the most minute detail of the product’s design and requirements. From there, we identify and remove unnecessary steps in the process allowing us to remove complexities from even the most complex product. This in turn allows the product to be manufactured in a more streamlined environment with improved adherence to tolerance ultimately reducing rejections and costs. In what may seem like a very simple idea, we work to make our machines as efficient as possible enabling us to pass only not only a reduced cost structure but also improved delivery times.

Tru-Form prides itself on taking your project to completion. In many cases, that means utilizing more than one of our manufacturing processes. However, in other cases, that means partnering with other companies to insure that the final product meets the exacting customer criteria. In one of countless examples, we took the prints and specifications from the customer and worked together with our plastics supplier to guarantee fit and finish and remove steps. The net result to the customer was that by using Tru-Form they had a central point of contact and dramatically reduced the risk of mismatch between the components.

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