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Tru-form has over 100 fourslide machines representing perhaps the largest single fourslide shop in the country. The sheer capacity of our fourslide group when coupled with the longevity of our fourslide team (with many team members having over 20 years of experience with Tru-Form), makes us one of the preeminent suppliers in the country.

Slideforming is a high-volume process where a system of cam-controlled tools produce small simple or intricate parts from coiled sheetmetal or wire. Moving slides, with end-of-slide tooling specific for each job, hit the strip or wire, progressively forcing it into a desired shape. Other tooling assumes the role of dies in traditional stamping, supporting the strip or wire during forming. Though forming generally is limited to bending, slideforming does enable, in a single machine cycle, blanking, trimming coining, embossing and other operations.

Slideforming can produce very high volumes of clips, brackets, clamps, electrical connectors and similar parts. 

Multiple slides allow a variety of operations to take place within the machine, sometimes more than what is capable even in traditional stamping presses employing transfer or progressive dies. This means less material handling and less floorspace dedicated to machinery. Slideforming tooling is of simpler design and less costly to procure, maintain, store and implement.

Volumes produced in slideforming machines usually outpace stamping-press capability, somewhat due to the ability of multiple-slide machines to produce more than one part per cycle, depending on part complexity.

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